Creative Philosophy 

What we love about special events is that they are living and breathing entities.  They have personalities that are shaped by their purpose, their audience and by the parts and pieces that combine to create them. 

Our approach to event design is to understand the Who, What, Where, When and Why of an event so we can start to get a feel for it's unique personality.  Does the personality call for a formal black tie affair with a plated dinner, heavy audio visual support and a headliner that would appeal to the CEO?...or is the personality playful, and laid back with a hankering for an outdoor hoedown with hay bales, grazing stations and a kickin' country band?  Both are infinitely interesting to us and both can have details and layers that will make them magical and memorable, but for the magic to happen, the design has to fit the personality at the core and support the Who, What, Where, When and Why. 

Creative Direction 

Once we have established the personality of an event we delve deeper into the WHY? of the event or series of events.  Why are these people coming together at this place and at this time?  What is the core purpose or message that everyone needs to leave with when all is said and done?  This is what will help us determine the core message or branding element that will need to be woven through the event design.  This thread of information will subtly inform and influence all design choices so that there is consistency and a cohesive feel to all elements and most importantly the core message is communicated.  It could be as simple as a single colour appearing consistently on all communications leading up to an event and then being deftly layered into accent pieces and on screen visuals at the event. 

Whenever possible we love to be part of setting the creative direction of an event from first communication to final thank you.  We know that there are often many players and stakeholders involved and that is where we can help to achieve a cohesive result by collaborating with everyone to ensure that we all share the same vision.